By John Claus

Recently Dawn & I started and finished a much needed renovation that originally was to be a “For Hire” project. Our bathroom was in need of attention. We had gone ahead and purchased the essentials for the renovation, and the contractor was chosen. There was an issue though that continued to worsen, work had slowed up for me significantly, and the “For Hire” changed to “Tim the Tool Man.” “I can do this.”

We started to tear out plaster and everything was going well. I came to the electrical and realized that what I wanted to do was more difficult than originally expected. I spent considerable time trying to figure out how I would accomplish this electrical task. I finally had to seek advice from an individual whom I had first met in our early years at Harbour. He went beyond giving me advice. He gave some thought to what I was trying to accomplish and then came to our house and completed the wiring.

This for us was in no way a life and death situation, although it might have been if I tried to complete it, but what he gave to us, was a very generous gift of his time. That gift was very timely and much appreciated. It occurred to me that there are times when what is really needed to help someone is just that… your time and expertise in a given area.

Ecclesiastes 3 begins with “There is a time for everything” (NIV). This could mean there is a time just to give your time.

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