In November 2017 God gave Harbour the privilege of being a community partner for a new Canadian Family. This family came to Canada under a 2 year government sponsorship and so Harbour carried no financial responsibility. The family is from Eritrea and were refugees in Ethiopia. They are from the Afar Tribe. You can learn more about the Afar tribe here. A strong team from Harbour engaged with them, built relationships and connected them with services throughout Niagara. This ministry has been a great blessing and encouragement to each team member involved.

In mid-October 2018 two new Afar Families also made their way to Canada. They were placed by the Canadian government in Saskatchewan and Newfoundland. Because, there are very few, if any, Afar people in these places, these newcomers wanted to move to Ontario and through connections back in Ethiopia were in touch with the family that Harbour is connected with.

The settlement agencies in Saskatchewan and Newfoundland also had brief contact with Harbour where we encouraged, that if a transition to Niagara was going to be made, that it take place slowly. However, we received word on Monday Oct 22 that both families were being sent here and would arrive in Toronto on Wednesday Oct 24. The Toronto Afar community provided transportation to Niagara.

Harbour is not the community partner for these families but there is urgent need to provide help in some initial settlement matters. One family is a Mom with 3 children and the other a Mom with 4 children.

Community Guides: Help obtain

  • OHIP cards
  • SIN’s for the kids
  • Banking – completed
  • Medical Assessments and Immunizations
  • School Registrations – completed
  • English Assessments
  • Child Tax Credit Application – completed
  • Clothing Measurements – completed 
  • Healthy Smiles (Dental) applications

We are currently looking for volunteers to take any one of these areas – please email to volunteer

The largest need is to find housing and furnishings for those apartments

Housing Needed

  • One 2-bedroom apartment in St. Catharines – FOUND 
  • One 3-bedroom apartment in St. Catharines – FOUND

Furniture and Household Supplies

The family is not able to store any items. Please maintain possession of all items until housing is found. Once housing is found you will receive an email with instructions regarding drop off at their residence

The family is not able to transport any donated items

Please deliver items on Saturday Dec 1st between 1pm and 5pm

Clothing Donations – COMPLETED

  • Winter Clothing – including jackets, hats, gloves and boots are need for all 9 family members
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  1. At my small group tonight, Diana Snow mentioned that she had microwave that she would like to donate to one of the families. Please let her know if this is of use.
    Phil Sheldon

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