Cross with blanket and suitcases

The suitcases at the foot of the cross are so old and battered, as if they have been lugged around for days. The chair is strong, and the blanket is soft and comfortable. How often do we  carry our own awkward, ancient burdens for miles before deciding to rest in Christ’s strength? The following two poems by Kathryn McKinnon powerfully demonstrate that we find peace and purpose when we lay our burdens down at the foot of the cross.


At the Foot of the Cross

Do you hear me calling you?
My still small voice
Come sit with me here
At the foot of the Cross

Just for a moment
Come sit and rest
Set your heavy burden down
At the foot of the Cross

I’ll take it from you
Only when you let it go
So leave it here
At the foot of the Cross

I’ll give you Peace
I’ll give you Joy
If you set your burden down
At the foot of the Cross


The Call

He calls to me and yet I turn away,
His voice is soft, so full of love for me.
Why do I choose to walk away from Him?
who died for me upon that rugged tree.

I think that I can make it on my own.
I need no-one to tell me what to do.
My life is fate and what will be will be.
He says, “My child you know I died for you.”

I try my best but it is not enough,
to fill this void I feel so deep inside.
Yet nothing seems to satisfy my thirst.
He bids me “Come, sweet water you will find”.

I find myself a quiet spot to rest,
to meditate on things that He has said.
Soon all the pieces seem to fall in place,
I see the perfect plan inside my head.

“The plans I have for you, my darling child,
to prosper you and not to cause you harm,
Instead of trying hard all by yourself,
please come my child, into my open arms”.

My eyes are filled with overflowing tears.
My heart falls open, torn apart in two.
At last I understand His loving words,
“My child I did this all for you”.

Into His arms I let myself collapse,
He cradles me and holds me, O so tight
And when my teary sobs begin to cease,
I know for sure that I will be alright.

He calls to me and I’m no longer deaf,
I turn toward the One who died for Me.
He strengthens me when I begin to thirst.
Now I can live, victorious and free.

My life is full of great anticipation!
I wonder what my loving God has planned.
So I will walk beside my blessed Saviour
as He guides me with His ever-loving hand.


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