December 16, 2009

We asked our senior high students (and leaders) to recall a time when they were shown compassion or when they acted with compassion. This is what they wrote:

Throughout the past year, my family and I have been shown compassion by the church. We have been struggling in a number of ways and the church has supported us. We are so thankful for everything.

This past year, I have been doing a discipleship Bible study with the youth leader at Bethel Baptist Church. He has shown me compassion by spending his time in the Bible study with me. He has shared life lessons with me that have helped grow me spiritually.

I have been shown compassion in the last year by my best friend’s grandmother. She lives in another city and I only see her on occasion. But throughout the past year she has given me and my husband money exactly when we need it. She has also given us food when our fridge was pretty much empty. She has been such a huge blessing in our life.

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