Summer (silent) Celebration

“Silence is not emptiness. It is fullness. It is the language of God.” (Bill Clarke, SJ) An Invitation: You have been invited by Pastor Jeff to conduct your own Purim Celebration (Esther 9) to remember and celebrate the grace of God in your life. More profoundly, God is inviting you to spend time in silence…read more.


I’m a Christian. Now What? God does not want us to just keep going as Christians. He wants us to enjoy growing as Christians. But what does this mean for you? The group will help us see what Christian growth is, and how it happens. This course will excite you about the ways God has…read more.

Praying The Lord’s Prayer

In the Fall of 2015, for 7 weeks we took time in our services to pray through the Lord’s Prayer. Here are those 7 prayers. May we continue to use the Lord’s Prayer as a model and as a way to enhance and further our own prayers. PRAYING THE LORD’S PRAYER (Sunday, Nov 22) Our…read more.


Discover your fit In the body of Christ (Spiritual Gifts, Uniqueness & Passion)  the right people, in the right places, for the right reasons, at the right time Network is a seminar designed to help you discover your spiritual gifts, personal style and God-given passion for serving in the body of Christ. “Every church should…read more.

All Church Study…Coming January 2014

Each year we as a church gather together into smaller groups to share life and work through a specific study. This year we are excited to interact with Gospel in Life by Timothy Keller a pastor, apologist and speaker from New York city. The gospel is powerful and affects all areas of our lives. Join us,…read more.

Israel Tour 2014

Have you ever thought about walking where Jesus walked? An Israel trip will not only bring context to your understanding of the Scriptures, but will also inspire your faith journey. Seeing and experiencing the Holy Land makes the Bible come alive. Join Jeff & Sue Bennett on this Harbour tour from Feb 25 – March 6, 2014.…read more.

Stephen Ministry

How has having a Stephen Minister helped me: I found that Stephen ministry helped both my husband and I before he passed. My husband loved the outings he had with John and looked forward to them every week and the time John spent with him. Both Kathi and John helped me and my family get…read more.

Summer Refresh

Wednesday’s 7:00pm at Harbour In the Dock July 6th – From Here to There Speaker: Bill Hybels Presents an inspiring leadership talk on how to move people from Here to There and anchors the talk in the truth that God still speaks to us today. Hybels challenges us to listen to the whispers of God…read more.