Happy Days – Series Overview

Happy Days But I just want to be Happy or God’s want me to be happy. Say these words and you can justify just about any behavior. Personal happiness is hard to argue against and it is the heart pursuit of our culture and times. But what does the Bible have to have about Happiness?…read more.

Less is More – Preparing for Easter

Less Is More: Preparing for Easter A study in the Life of John the Baptist How are you preparing for Easter? We’re not talking about getting a new outfit or buying chocolate eggs to hide.  The Lenten season is an opportunity to journey with Jesus towards the cross through an intense time of self-examination and…read more.

Who’s to Judge Resources

“Christians are so intolerant” is a common phrase in our culture today and intolerance is viewed as the ultimate cultural sin.. From October 28th through November 25th  we’ll examine what tolerance is, how to respond to this charge and how to faithfully live for Jesus in this reality. The list below of resources used in…read more.