Sundays at 10:00am

450,000 people live in Niagara and estimates tell us that 400,000 of them are far from God (90%).

If we want to reach 1% of this 400,000 that means we need 100 church starts that reach 100 new disciples each.

*this does not take into account the 100,000 additional people that are expected to move to Niagara by 2030.

The Good News is the Harvest is Plentiful (Luke 10.2) We desire to be a church that obeys the Great Commission by multiplying disciples and churches through Niagara.  We want to start church from evangelism and not for evangelism.

Here is how God is currently working at Harbour to fulfill our LEAD OUT vision of MORE IMPACT

Q50 Community

Graham and Sharon Bulmer lead Q50, Harbour's first church planting that officially launched in September 2018.

They bring many years of pastoral, teaching, leadership development and administrative experience to the Q50 Community Church Plant. They served as missionaries in Ecuador for almost 15 years and have pastored here in Canada. Their passion for life is focused on their two grown daughters, love for the outdoors, tropical birds, running, motorcycling and curling.

Q50 currently meets on Sunday's at 10am at 795 Hamilton Regional Rd #8, Stoney Creek. You can read more about them here

Steven and Cindy Martins

Steven and Cindy have a vision to plant a bilingual, English-Spanish church in the region of Niagara that is dedicated to community life, discipleship and articulating a biblical life-and-world view. We are passionate about the church's reclamation of a comprehensive gospel, a holistic apologetic, and a robust cultural mandate in terms of the Great Commission for the preservation and advancement of God’s kingdom.

We envision a church that will come to uniquely reflect the heritage of Spanish protestantism, faithfully adhering to God's word as her ultimate authority, teaching the doctrines of grace, and training believers in a holistic conversational apologetic to be a faithful missional people in our secular and pluralist society.

Steven and Cindy are currently in year #1 of their internship.

Church Plant # 3

We are waiting on God and seeking his guidance for Harbour's third church plant. You can read more about our strategy to launch churches from evangelism on the Share Jesus page.

Church Plant Residency

  • Spend 2 hours a week in the Harvest, 2 hours a week discipling a new believer and 2 hours a week in leadership development.