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Each year we as a church gather together into smaller groups to share life and work through a specific study. This year we are excited to interact with Gospel in Life by Timothy Keller a pastor, apologist and speaker from New York city.

The gospel is powerful and affects all areas of our lives. Join us, and see the gospel at work in your life, as well as in the lives of those in your group!

Sign-up and Resources are available in Harbour’s Atrium. Make sure you sign up and purchase a book. ($15)

Last year we had 180 adults join in! This year, we hope to have over 200, meeting in 16 different groups.



Who is this for? 

This is for anyone, regardless of whether you are in an existing community group or not. If you are new to Harbour, this is a great way for you to jump in! We will find a place for you! When you sign-up make sure you check off “I would like to be in a  group.” We have groups that meet on most days of the week.

When does this start and how long is the study?

Tuesday, January 7th 7pm @ Harbour – Awakening Worship Night

Week of January 12th- Groups start meeting (for six consecutive weeks)

Sunday, February 23rd – Celebration Lunch after the service

What happens after the study?

Many people after the study is complete want to continue on in a community group. We usually start 2-3 groups each year from the all church study. These groups meet regularly to share life and take steps in their spiritual journeys. Groups study the bible, encourage and pray for each other, and seek to grow relationships with those in their lives who do not yet know Jesus.


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  1. I would like to sign up for this study but will not be in church this Sunday. I am new to Harbour and would like to be placed in a Community Group so that I can get plugged in and meet people. Could someone email me with some community group info?

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