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We have been in Kenya for five days now, and believe it or not, this is the first time I have had access to a computer.  Well, that’s not quite true, we have had access, but difficulties with the electricity and then the server, etc has made it impossible to write.

The problem is they are trying to install an upgraded electric system to handle the new water well pump.  So, they have been shutting the power off sporadically.  But, it sure will be nice to have clean water.  At the moment, the water in the pipes is river water – not great for drinking or brushing your teeth – and we try to guard the common water pipe so the kids don’t drink it.  The “river” is actually a small almost dried up creek due to the dry season – and is very muddy.

The team is all doing well, and it’s been great connecting with Kenyan friends that we have met on previous trips.  Johnstone,a guide we have had on previous trips, took us to Samburu National Reserve Park for a two day safari right after we arrived in Nairobi.  This is a good way to get over the jet lag and new time – we are 7 hours ahead of you in Ontario, and 10 hours ahead of Nanaimo.

On the safari, we saw many animals that we expected to: elephants, girafftes, gazelles, lions, oryx, impalas, and lots of different birds, monkeys, baboons, crocodiles.  We were blessed to find a cheetah with two cubs.  And then the most elusive of all:  a leopard!  We were only about 3 meters away from it, and have wonderful pictures.

We have been working on the theological library,cataloging books BUT with all the power interruptions,  the progress has been slower than we would have liked.  However, Gary is in the process of downloading the major program again, and hopefully we will be on our way. Kago, the librarian here, had already classified 6,000 books by hand!  We have about 30,000 to go.  PACE has been able to share extra copies of many books, and some have already been sent to the Congo and Rwanda.

As usual, the children are delightful – eager to shake hands with you and all smiles.  Oh, speaking of smiles – they now have a dentist here full time.  You can actually get a root canal done here for the equivalent of $15, and a filling costs $10.  It’s cheaper to have a tooth pulled, $1.50 – but if possible they try to encourage folks to keep their teeth.  They also give free service if it’s necessary – or have the person pay $1.  Dr.Ben, the dentist, was trained in Nairobi, and is very capable.  It has been great to see all the accompli-ments here, and improvements since my last trip 2 years ago.  I can’t help but think of the account in the Bible, where they asked Jesus: “When did we see you hungry or thirsty or naked?”  I know we must see the smile of God when we minister in spirit and in practical ways.

This afternoon we visit “In Children’s Eyes” – the home for street kids.  We have treats for them, along with the Mannatech nutritional supplements – and it is always a blessing to visit there.  Benson, a former school principal and his wife minister faithfully with very little resources.

We thank you for praying with us.  We pray God will bless you today in whatever way you are serving Him.  We send our love and prayers.  Marilyn (and Gary too)

P.S. I hope this did not make your news.  But a car here hit an elephant on the road, and the elephant was on top of the car, injured, and the driver was also severely injured.  But they could not get the man out of the car because five elephants surrounded the car, and would not let anyone approach.  The man died.

Then yesterday we visited a land plot out of  town where they are constructing homes for retired pastors – and they have had trouble with the elephants coming in the night to ravage the gardens.  The only thing they can do is build bonfires, as the elephants will not come where there is fire.  And to think that I complain about the odd deer getting into our garden!

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