Four Ways to Give

Harbour is full of generous people.

We believe that God has given us everything we have, and we give in grateful recognition of this. We want to trust God in every area of our lives, and we give as an act of faith. We want to join in on what God is doing, and make an eternal impact.

When you give, we LOOK UP, LIVE DEEP, and LEAD OUT  together.

Option 1: Cash/Cheque

    • Cash or cheques can be put into the offering bowls on Sunday morning or into the box outside the office, at any time.
    • If you would like a receipt cash donations should be put into an envelope located in the seat pockets in the auditorium or at the office counter.
  • Please fill in the information on the envelope.

Option 2: Electronic Fund Transfer

  • Can be made at
  • Please include your name and address in the memo box.

Option 3: Debit Machine

    • Step 1: Visit debit machine (Located on Harbour office counter)
    • Step 2: Follow debit machine Instructions
    • Step 3: Put debit receipt in offering envelope (Ensure your contact information is on the envelope)
  • Step 4: Drop envelope in offering bowl or in the wooden envelope depository

Option 4: Credit Card (One Time + Recurring)

    • Step 2: Follow giving instructions on screen to complete your gift
    • Step 3: Check your email to see your contribution receipt
  • There is a cost associated with this type of donation.  Donors are encouraged to select the option that allows them to pay the cost involved with making the donation.

You can also download the App