December 15, 2009

By Terra Van Manen

Last year when Rob went into the hospital, we both thought that it would be a routine shunt revision and that he would be home within a week and we would carry on with life…but that wasn’t going to be the way this time.

One week turned into two, than three weeks in the ICU, after Rob went into a coma.  Receiving that phone call, then seeing him in that state was so difficult.  I kept thinking that things couldn’t get any worse, but it seemed that each day there were more setbacks.  There were so many times that I thought I was done, and that I couldn’t handle any more, but each day I was given the strength to make it through, and fight for Rob’s care.

Throughout the eight week hospital stay and the ten week home recovery, I knew and felt the many prayers of friends and family and I knew that He was the reason that we were able to make it through this crazy time.  The calls, cards, gifts, and acts of service were overwhelming and comforting.

“Trust him at all times, you people.  Pour out your hearts in his presence.  God is our refuge.”  Psalm 32:8 (God’s Word)

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