Harbour Groups

We are all on a journey. We might find ourselves near the beginning or we may find ourselves a little further along. Regardless there is a group for you; relational environments in which we together take steps towards growing as Jesus' disciples.

What types of groups are there?

We have various groups that correspond to where you might find yourself on your spiritual journey.

D-Groups- These are groups of 2-3 individuals, designed to help Christians grow in their relationship with God and build a firm foundation on the Bible, in the context of relationship.

Access Groups- These offer short-term opportunities for individuals to explore faith or a specific topic in the context of a group environment.

Community Groups- These are groups of 6-12 people that provide individuals the opportunity to connect with others, grow in their relationship with Christ, and experience community.

What curriculum do the groups use?

The various groups use material that is tailored to the groups purpose.D-Groups use either The Commands of Christ or Discipleship Essentials. Community Groups use material from our suggested curriculum list and RightNow Media.

When do groups start?

D-Groups- Launch at any time of the year.

Access Groups- Offered  Fall and Spring.

Community Groups- Launch Fall and Spring.

What is an All-Church Study?

Each year in January, we as a church embark on an all-church study for 6-8 weeks. It becomes our focus on Sundays, as well as, in our groups during the week.