Harbour Team Arrives in Kenya!

Ryan and Tyran McGuire are a dedicated Harbour couple working with PACE Ministries in Kenya! They have been in Kenya for several months now. Last Monday, they received several visitors. Here’s excerpt from  their most recent blog entry:

After much anticipation, this past Monday evening the Harbour Team arrived. It has been such a blessing having them here and serving along side them. here is a picture from just before we left for Safari with the team and some other good friends of ours.

From left to right (top) – Muthiri, Eddie, Kathy, Njenga, Jeff, Jackson and Frank. (bottom) Dave, Ryan and Cam. (missing) Taryn – she was taking the picture … as usual!

Read about the team’s Masaai Mara safari, and see photos of lions, giraffes, elephants and rhinos here . . .

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