Ryan and Tyran McGuire are a dedicated Harbour couple working with PACE Ministries in Kenya! They have been in Kenya for several months now. Last Monday, they received several visitors. Here’s excerpt from¬† their most recent blog entry:

After much anticipation, this past Monday evening the Harbour Team arrived. It has been such a blessing having them here and serving along side them. here is a picture from just before we left for Safari with the team and some other good friends of ours.

From left to right (top) – Muthiri, Eddie, Kathy, Njenga, Jeff, Jackson and Frank. (bottom) Dave, Ryan and Cam. (missing) Taryn – she was taking the picture … as usual!

Read about the team’s Masaai Mara safari, and see photos of lions, giraffes, elephants and rhinos here . . .

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