Harbour 30 is the church wide process, where we collectively ask the question “What does God want us to look like 5 years from now?” Over the next months we will be collecting information and input and then discerning a vision plan for our church. The result will be a clear picture of what believe God would have our church look like when we reach our 30th anniversary in May 2018.

Here is an outline of the processH30_NoWhite

January 12-27 – REVEAL Spiritual Life Survey

Your spiritual growth is of central importance to our church.  Whether you’re just starting to explore the Christian faith, or you’re a one-time Christ-follower, we want to do everything we can to help you on your spiritual journey.  So we want you to know about a very special opportunity.  As part of our Harbour30 vision process we’re asking for your feedback on our church and your spiritual journey.  There are four things you need to know about this survey:

  •  It’s comprehensive and thought-provoking
  • You should set aside 35-40 minutes to take it
  • It’s completely anonymous so you can be open and honest with your feedback
  • It’s extremely important  The findings from this survey will shape our decisions about how to create the best possible ministry strategies to serve you better.

SURVEY NOW CLOSED – Thanks to all who participated

January 27-February 17th – Survey Responses

  • This survey ask the questions – “What do you think God wants Harbour to look like 5 years from now?”
  • For Complete Survey details CLICK HERE

February 24th – Survey Results

  • Initial survey data, results and feedback available for the church community to view.
  • Opportunities to submit additional feedback thoughts based on this information

April 9-18 – Vision Discernment

  • A Team of representative Harbour leadership meets to discern initial vision framework and ideas

Harbour 25 Celebration

  • Saturday April 28th  – Walk Compassion Project in Community
  • Sunday April 29th – Launch Leaders Night w/ Kenyan Pastors
  • Friday Celebration – May 3rd with Bruxy Cavy
  • Sunday Celebration – May 5th with Dwayne Cline

Summer 2013

  • Vision refinement and clarification through various Small Group Environments

Fall 2013

  • Vision Declaration
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