Set Your Heart on Things Above

Colossians- All Church Study 2019

It is so easy for us to shift our eyes off Jesus and onto what life presents before us. We may even lose sight of what Jesus has done for us, or may unintentionally modify the gospel.

Starting in January, we as a church will embark on a study through the powerful little letter of Colossians. In it, the apostle Paul, highlights the supremacy and sufficiency of Jesus. He causes us to see that ‘He is Greater.’

In this study, we will fix our eyes upon all that Christ has done for us, allowing it to influence our thoughts, behaviours, life and relationships. Our prayer is that we as a church, every day, would set our heart on things above. That Jesus would be the lens by which we view life.

How do I sign up?

If you are already in a group….visit the table in the atrium on a Sunday to purchase your materials.

If you are NOT already in a group…here is the link to our group options. (page going live Sunday Dec 16) Join a group online and visit the table in the atrium on a Sunday to purchase your materials.

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