Introducing Devon Snelgrove Student Ministry Intern

High School Ministry Update

One of the nine Points of emphasis for our Harbour30 Vision states

By God’s Grace we will:

Grow a Thriving Children and Student Ministry

We are blessed at Harbour to have great high school students and an extremely dedicated and faithful group of volunteers. Over the last months we have looked at ways to complement this with the right leadership – believing God that this combination will result in a growing and fruitful ministry to our high school students.

Heritage Bible College in Cambridge offers a two year internship program. Interns are placed in local churches where they can receive training and experience as they move towards full-time ministry. We believe Harbour provides an ideal environment for an intern and approached Heritage about this possibility.

Over the last 2 months the Harbour Leadership (including staff, Elders, an interview team and the Student Ministry Volunteers) have had the opportunity to meet a potential intern. This entire group is recommending Devon Snelgrove to Harbour as Youth Intern. We are excited about both what Devon brings to our student ministry but also what we as a church will be able to bring to Devon’s life and ministry future.

Introducing Devon Snelgrove

Student Ministry Intern

devon pics (3)I was born in St.Thomas Ontario but, I moved around a lot when I was younger because my Dad drove Transport Truck for a living.  I grew up initially in a non-Christian home but when I was around 8, my parents became followers of Christ. Shortly after, I too became a follower after fully understanding the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross. God means everything to me, without Him I would have no reason to be living.

God is my rock and my strength to get through all situations.

My hobbies are reading, playing guitar and or bass. Things that I do for fun are reading a good book, playing music, watching movies and in all honesty being a part of ministry is something that I love to do.  If you were to ask anyone to describe me they would say, quiet at first but goofy and funny once I break out of my shell. I love stories and every person has one and I really love getting to hear their stories.

I have been in Bible College for 5 years learning more and more about God and having my passion to work and serve with students increased each and every year. When I heard about this internship opportunity at Harbour I knew it was the next step that I was supposed to take. I have spent 3 summers interning with youth groups organizing and running events, speaking, and building into the students. These 3 months only left me with the desire to do more. God has put a desire in me to equip students to make their faith their own and to keep God as the center of their lives. This is what God challenged me with when I was in High School and this is the challenge that I want to share with others.

devon pics (2)I’m looking forward to being a part of the team at Harbour and getting to know everyone in the church community.  I can’t wait to start in youth ministry and to serve Harbour with everything that I have.  I can’t wait to learn and grow both in ministry and in my relationship with God as He teaches and shows me what it means to work within a church.

Devon’s Needs


  • God has already blessed Devon with a car – a great “Only God” story


  • Devon’s tentative ministry start date is Sunday May 4th. He is in need of housing in this area. Looking for someone who would have a basement/room to rent for him


  • Harbour will meet 50% of the internship budget and the intern is responsible to raise the other half of his support. Please pray for Devon as he looks to generate this income through donations and or part-time employment.

Favor and Blessings in High School Ministry

  • Pray that God will give Devon favor in the eyes of our students and that we will see God use Devon to raise up students who Look Up – Live Deep and Lead Out.

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