Is God Dead?

Is God Dead1

April 10-12
with Andy Bannister
Director and Lead Apologist RZIM Canada

CLICK HERE – Is God Dead

Friday April 10 at 7 pm

For Spiritaul Seekers

  • Coffee House and Music
  • Is God Relevant: Why It Makes a Difference to Everything
  • Followed by Q&A

Saturday Morning April 11 at 9 am

For Followers of Christ

  • Session #1: Sharing Jesus in a Way That Connects With People
  • Refreshment Break
  • Session #2: Understanding Muslims and Answering Their Questions

Sunday April 12 at 10 am

For Spiritual Seekers

  • Sunday Service
  • Is God Dead? Why the Answer is No and Why I’m Not an Atheist
  • Followed by Q&A


Is God Dead

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