Hello fellow Harbourites, family and friends!

From Kenya: It has been very busy up to this point and Dave and I have completed our projects thus far. We helped Myna (PACE’s carpenter) to build a incubator/hatchery and also a two room house used for temporary living for the workers who will build Wachira’s new house. We finished the house in two days using rough sawn lumber (cypress) and corrugated metal on the roof and outside walls – with one door and one window on each 10×9 room (all sets on cedar posts). On Tuesday we visited three different homes for children – one daycare for 4-6 year olds, one for special needs children of various ages, and one for children with AIDS. The children in all places were very happy to see us, and we were very blessed to visit with them. A supply of vitamin supplements were given to each home – thank you Gary Anderson. On our second stop, after a short downpour, we got stuck on the muddy sloped road – but had many happy children eager to help push us out. I jumped out to give them a hand, and after awhile we were on our way. So, after seeing all of these children, your heart just breaks. They are all precious little ones in God’s eyes, so please keep them in your prayers for God’s blessing.

Bye for now & God Bless,
Frank West

PS. Eddie, Dave and Cam also say “Jambo”
PSS Hi Annette – love you and miss you

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