Jambo from Kenya!

God has been doing amazing things on our missions trip. We have been praying that He would stretch us spiritually and that is exactly what He has been doing. The trip started with a lot of traveling in a large cargo van – Kenyan style. 11 seats, 12 people, no seatbelts. I now  have a new appreciation for the roads in St. Catharines. It may seem like blasphemy, I know, but once you’ve driven in Africa, your perspective will change. That goes for almost every aspect of life; the African way of life will change you. The scenery alone is breathtaking and adds to the claim that all of creation calls to the existance of our Creator. We drove past many beautiful landscapes and wildlife. When we arrived at Wachira’s house, we were greeted very warmly by Wachira, Glenda, Mary, and the kids. They say “jambo” to you all!

For Eddie and myself, our mission started with a bit of manual labour. It’s incredible to see how the Kenyans work and manage to accomplish tasks. After some backbreaking work in the sun, Eddie and I had the privelege of leading the grade 1-3 kids in some games. It’s incredible to see how they play – the children will find joy in anything they do. We played simple games like tag, and relay races. I have never seen so much joy and enthusiasm from children. They represent the Kenyan culture at it’s finest; relationship above everything else. While leading games, Eddie and I receieved our first dose of African sun. The Kenyans have a word for white people – it is “muzungus” which means “burnt”. Eddie and I only add to the stereotype. Next came the youth retreat. Jeff lead us in games and a sermon while Eddie and I worshiped with the congregation. They enjoy our songs, but don’t know them, so it is more performance based. Kenyans have two distinct types of worship – there is regular worship, which is more hymn based, and then praise which is when the Kenyans really let loose for God. They sing, scream, dance, pray, play instruments and jump all over the place. Their passion for God is remarkable. Jeff connected really well with the youth while preaching the 3:16 message. Eddie and I also had a great experience leading activities. Eddie lead sports and races while I lead music. The Kenyans caught on to the musical activities really fast and I really enjoyed being able to connect with them that way. They are very shy, but once you open up to them, they will open up to you. The youth day saw many Kenyan youth making a committment to Christ and that was very encouraging.

Sunday was the biggest test for our group. We’re proud to say that our team was the first Harbour Missions Team that was 100% pastors. Each one of us was sent to a different church to speak on a topic of our choice as well as a brief testimony and background information on who we are. They asked us a lot of questions such as:

“How do you survive in the winter when you can’t grow crops?”
“What kind of boots do you wear in the snow?
“Why do you have dogs as pets?”

It was very interesting to note that the Kenyan people were very suprised that Dave and Frank were carpenters. They believe that all muzungus (white people) have office or factory jobs. They don’t think that we are able to work with our hands or learn trades. They also laughed at me when I brought a drum into the church. They assume that drumming is an African art and that muzungus only play guitar. I showed them! Our preaching went very well. We were well recieved by the congregations and God blessed us while we spoke. We were all very nervous, but God used us to speak His word.

This week has many new activities and tasks – Eddie and I are currently working on a mural for PACE. We will be visiting the sites tomorrow to drop off the vitamins for the children in need.

So, all is safe, and all is well! God is doing amazing things with, and for our team. Please continue to pray for our safety and that we will be used for God’s will for the Kenyan people. There’s so much to say! I could write all day about the amazing adventures and experieneces. Anyone who is considering going on missions to Africa, COME! It will change and bless your life! Thank you for all of your prayer and support!

God Bless!
Cam & the May Missions Team

Irungu says Hello to the whole church!
To Wilf: Irungu is so happy that you sent him the car magazines! And say hello to Mark’s wife and the kids as well!

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