In October 2013 we Launched the Harbour30 Vision. This vision included 3 new strategy statements. They are Look Up, Live Deep and Lead Out. Since then we have made significant progress in understanding and organizing ourselves around this vision.

Here are 4 advancements that we have made.

#1 – Adopted Vision Structure based on Acts 1:8

The Key verse to understanding the vision is has always been Acts 1:8 – “you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Based on this verse we have finalized developed four geographic areas for Harbour Ministry and each with a corresponding purpose statement.

Lead Out

They are as follows:

  • Jerusalem – Walk Boldly – Proclaim and Equip
  • Judea – Walk Compassionately – Meeting Needs
  • Samaria – National Missions – Church Planting
  • Ends of Earth – Global Missions – Launch Leaders

#2 – Adopted Church Planting as our National Missions Focus

The percentage of Evangelical Christians in Quebec is 0.8%. This compares with 7.7% in the rest of Canada and 48.9% in Kenya. There is a huge need for new churches to be birthed in Quebec.

  • In October we received a request from our denomination that we partner with a church plant in Quebec. The Elders, in accordance with our vision, have recommended that we investigate the possibility of initiating this partnership.
  • Gord Cushne has agree to lead a National Missions team that will investigate the recommended partner, potentially ratify this recommendation and, if so, then work to determine partnership building opportunities between these two churches.

Currently a team is being assembled that will

  • Visiting the proposed partner church in early 2014 –
  • Developing and facilitating partnership opportunities over the next 5 years.

#3 – Appointed Leaders for all 5 Teams

Based on the above overview and goals, we saw the need for 5 teams of people, each team would have a leader and 4 members. We praise God that, over the last 2 months, He has raised up leaders for these roles. The leaders are:

Walk Boldly

  • Proclaim and Equip – Leaders: Justin Rosenthaal and Brian Cook

Walk Compassionately – Meeting Needs – Two Teams

  • Greenvale Townhouse – Leader: Mark Vincent (temporary)
  • New Community Partner – Leader: Sandy Maxwell

National Missions – Church Planting

  •  Quebec Partnership – Gord Cushnie

Global Missions – Launch Leaders

  •  Pace Ministries Kenya – Phil Sheldon

* Walk Compassionately has two teams because in Harbour30 we wanted to extend our local impact by broadening our impact in Niagara by partnering with a community organization. We will provide short and long term service opportunities through this partner.

#4 – Set a financial goal of giving 10% of overall budget to Lead Out.

This vision will need financial resources. We currently give about 4.7% of our budget to ministries that fall under Lead Out. Our goal and prayer is that by July 2019 (Harbour30) our giving to these areas will represent 10% of our annual budget.

Join with us in celebrating all that has happened in the Lead Out Vision in the last two months.

Interesting in being involved? Contact one of the leaders above for more information.

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