Welcoming International Students


We are a group of Christians who want to help international students thrive in all aspects of life. We call ourselves “Friends of International Students in Niagara”.

Our aim is to serve the practical, social, and spiritual needs of Niagara region’s international students at both Brock University and Niagara College. 

Through our network and partnerships we offer weekly and monthly events in support of international students in our city.

Who We Serve

  • We welcome and serve international  students from any cultural, socio-economic or religious background studying in the Niagara Region; students who are looking for ways to connect with other students and the local community are invited to connect with us.
  • Our activities and events involve students from Brock University and Niagara College. Friends of International Students in Niagara is an independent organization and has no formal affiliation with either institution.

Connect with us?

We are here to answer questions and in a very practical way help you navigate your new life in Canada.

1. Welcome Packages

  • Are you a newly arrived international student in the Niagara Region?
  • We would love to meet you and present you with a small welcome gift.  Be sure to contact us!

2. English Conversation Circles

  • Improve your English through online or, whenever possible, face to face Conversation Circles.
  • Each week a different topic is discussed addressing issues such as food, weather, the health care system in Canada, Canada’s history, geography, education system, etc.
  • English Conversation Circles are available for students at Brock University and at Niagara College.

3. One on One Friendship Partners

  • One international student matched with one Canadian volunteer”.
  • A friendship partner is there to be your friend and to answer your questions about Canadian culture, English language and more;  they help you navigate new foods, different weather, etc.
  • One on One Friendship Partners are available online or face to face when restrictions are lifted.

4. Monthly International Student Dinners

  • First Friday of each Month.
  • Join us a we all gather together for a great meal and a fun activity.
International Students

5. Care and Support

  • If you are lonely and in need of friends and caring support, we would love to hear from you and will respond promptly.
  • If you need help navigating Canadian culture and systems we have experts that can familiarize you with how to proceed.

6. Weekly Bible Studies

  • University, College students and young professionals are invited to join Young Adults @ Harbour to personally connect over refreshments, fellowship with one another, study God’s word together, and engage in discussion.
  • As a student, trades-person or professional in a post-Christian culture, we are faced with challenges as to what we believe and how we live out what we confess.

Can’t wait to meet you