‘Let us not love with words but with actions and in truth.’ 1 John 3:18 NIV

Have you seen someone putting their love into action? Please share your story here.  I saw someone expressing love when:
Response from Peggy:

‘I am laid up and have a neighbour who brings me meals, constantly asks if I need anything, has taken me to doctor appointments etc. This woman is 76 and not that well herself but she is always doing for others!’

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  1. I have a neighbour who shovels my sidewalk and even snow blows my drive when there is a big snow fall. When I moved into my house his wife brought supper over one night..They are kind folk, who think of others in tangible acts of kindness. On garbage days, the empty containers are not at curb side, when I get home from work, but lined up at the side of my house. There is a woman who lives across the road, she’s had a stroke. This same neighbour cuts her grass and shovels her snow all winter…love in action..the hands of Jesus…I thank the Lord for my neighbours’ kindness and for the example he is to me…I don’t need to shovel my sidewalk, so I shovel the sidewalk of my elderly neighbour to the other side of me…..
    we are Neighbourhood love in action!

  2. last Sun night, Jan 31, when I had the privelege of hosting my small group, they remembered my birhtday, got me a card, and brought me 2 birthday cakes, one being an ice-cream cake with a musical birthday candle, they even sang Happy Birthday to me, what a way to start our 40 days of love session. Of course we had to eat the ice-cream cake first before it melted in my basement with the woodstove going, and then the other cake for afterwards. Thankyou everyone in my small group, you just blessed me in so many ways and made my birthday extra special!

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