Jesus said Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

In these words his established a priority for His church and His followers of going. Harbour is seeking to obey this command by partnering with PACE ministries and Wachira Ngamau in Nyahururu, Kenya, East Africa. From March 1-15 a team of 8 traveled their to learn from and support this ministry. Here are a few of my reflections as I ponder our time away.

  1. Harbour’s Vision of Launch Leaders is bearing fruit. 5 years ago we made a strategic decision to invest our missions efforts in Leaders. We realized that we could not meet every need and if we attempted to do so this could create dependency upon us for continued funding. We decided to invest in the Caleb Pastors – a ministry of PACE that brings together local pastors to equip and encourage them in their lives and ministry. Our focus with 4 of these families has been home building – a need that they identified as their greatest. We have provided partial funding for several homes – some are completed and others are still in process. Our efforts to help meet this need has produced significant dividends – Pastors are now more free to invest in ministry and each has expanded their outreach efforts – some locally, some into nearby countries. I was blessed to see how our aid has allowed the pastors to accomplish so much. Praise God.
  2. Phil Sheldon, who leads our Launch Leaders Ministry at Harbour, accompanied us and will stay an a additional two weeks. Phil has done such a remarkable job as his role of point leader. He has built great relationships with the Pastors and his true care and concern is evident. He also serves to connect the many supporting churches in Canada to PACE. We praised God for Phil and his leadership to the Harbour community and PACE.
  3. Our team was also able to spend time with Roger Duquette. Roger is a Harbour member who has, over the last 3 years, spend 4 month each at PACE. Roger’s ministry is remarkable. His quiet and sincere faith is evident and he has built many great relationships through which he ministers and encourages. We were blessed to see the many personal ways that God is using Roger to built faith into lives.
  4. Gary Anderson, former Harbour member, joined our team. Gary’s passion is to provided nutrition supplements for children. He has worked extensively to see this vision become a reality and we were blessed to be able to visit the many sites and children that are now receiving this much needed help. We were reminded of Jesus words that when you have done onto the least of these you have done onto me.
  5. Julia and Mary led a two day sewing class, helping many women learn to or improve their sewing skills. This was a much needed and appreciated time and many good relationships were built.544248_10151436419571390_734404539_n
  6. We participated in a one day pastors and wives conference with Caleb Pastors and their wives. Each of these couples are so remarkable, capable and Godly – their faith inspires us. We were glad to be able to get to know them better, learn of their needs and how we can pray are support them.
  7. I not only went on this trip as Pastor but also Dad. Elizabeth, our 13 year old daughter accompanied us. See did a remarkable job with the children. She spend several days loving, tutoring and playing with some specific children but everywhere we went, there was Elizabeth, surrounded by and engaging with the children. I was a proud father. We pray that the seeds of missions that were planted in her heart this trip will continue to grow and bear fruit.
  8. Our team participated in countless activities from visiting and preaching in many different churches, school chapel services and visits to nursery schools, orphanages and a home for street children. We met new friends, visited many homes, were given a gift of a sheep and goat that we later ate, enjoy a wonderful safari, watched with interest the Kenya election and praised God for a peaceful transition of power. Too many experiences to describe and write about – but all a blessings and learning.

Thanks to the Harbour community for your prayer and support. God is Good

Pastor Jeff

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