Here are reflections from our team on this years trip:

From Nathan

It is amazing to see how just a small amount of resources from somewhere like North America (Canada) – ie. Money – can have such a large and life changing impact here in Kenya.  By setting aside as little as 1 dollar p/day to pay for a child’s education (including food and lodging) and subsequently giving them hope for their future, we really have the power to do so much.  It is a shame that, for whatever reason, we must travel here first before we realize this.

From Jon

It is safe to say I was right in saying I was looking  forward to spending time with the ‘kids’ of Kenya the most.  At the same time it is heartbreaking to see how many are living.  Our visit to Victory School may have an impact on the rest of my life. To see them so happy and content to be given two pieces of plain wheat bread and the joy it brought to their faces will touch me the rest of my life. At the same seeing the joy, smiles and laughter in almost all of the kids here warms my heart. It is addicting seeing all these beautiful smiles. There is a lyric to a song that has been ringing in my head this entire trip and has brought tears down my face…

We Must Go, Live to feed the hungry, Stand beside the broken, WE MUST GO!

From Gary

This has been another wonderful and very busy trip (my 6th ) to PACE.  The team helped carry about 850 GlycoBears (food supplements) for the kids.  We were able, in spite of the rain and mud, to deliver them to each of the 5 homes we provide them too.  The kids are wonderful and always make the trip so worthwhile just seeing them as well as the faithful workers in each home.  A major task I set for myself this trip was to get the library better equipped with the tools needed to get the great number of books we sent over in the container organized and into circulation.  I believe we have set in motion a number of things that will accomplish that task with much improved efficiency.  The lights are presently out, so please excuse the writing – I’m having difficulty seeing the keyboard.

From Phil

Highlights of trip

  • Rain, rain and more rain followed by mud
  • Flat tires – “Kenyans out”
  • Elephants
  • Observation Hill
  • Smores under an unbelievable star filled canopy
  • Mt. Kilimanjaro as it appears out of the morning mist and the sun hits the peak
  • Hunting a lone mosquito by flashlight at 2PM
  • Campfire meals
  • Masai cooked goat
  • Masai  (Saitot – his name) stories
  • Falling asleep listening to ‘Remember When’ on ipod
  • Colourful school children
  • Stuck in mud
  • Everywhere you look it is green and growing
  • Prayers for rain and the life it brings after so much death over last 18 months
  • Elder Gitau and his 38 years support of AIC Nyahururu, PACE and Wachira
  • Pastor Peter’s and wife Joyce’s smiles showing us through new house (under construction)
  • Suera BBQ
  • Wachira driving on muddy roads while talking on phone, talking to people in back seat and pointing all at same time.
  • Victory School
  • Samosa’s and mondazies
  • Thank goodness for gum boots
  • Elder prayer time
  • Morning devotions with team
  • Caleb pastors all working on Pastor Peter’s house
  • Kihaka’s breakfast prayer
  • Mokemo – mashed potatoes, peas, beans and maize
  • Smiles, smiles, smiles
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