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Dear Lord,Thank you for the mothers of young children. Raising children is a beautiful gift and not an easy task. I pray for renewal and Quiet retreat, that we may know Peace. To find Rest in your Promise of Psalm 119. ” YOU are my place of Quiet retreat, I wait for your word to renew me.” Give Life and Joy dear Lord.

Dear Lord thank you for mothers of teens and older children. Guide them as they disciple their children and prepare them for the battles they face everyday, including the ones in their own hearts. Restore Joy where it may be lost dear Lord, bring Comfort and shelter for the hearts of these mothers Lord.

Thank you Lord for the gift of Grandmothers. We ask for your help Lord to bring all of our concerns under your authority and truth, To walk with integrity and Love. Help them to lean into you Jesus and draw from your strength and mercy as they come alongside and encourage their children & grandchildren to keep in step with the spirit. Thank you for family and how you so uniquely bring us together.

Dear Lord, you know the complex range of emotions on mothers day. It is a tender day, a reminder of the mother we’ve lost, the mother grieving the loss of their child or the aching for the unfulfilled role of mother – a role not yet held or one that may never be held. Dear Lord wrap your arms around them, cover them with the knowledge of your faithfulness. You are their refuge and strength.

Dear Lord, Thank you for the sacrifice and compassion for the moms taking care of someone else’s children. We pray Peace and Joy over our step and foster moms.  Each child is precious in your sight Lord and you have raised a unique community of women who extend their hearts to care for your children. Bless them with an extension of your grace, guard their hearts Lord.

Dear Lord, thank you for the women in this church. whether we are mothers by definition or not. We give until it hurts and receive so much that we might break.  We are always in ‘labour’, always loving, because there are people growing all around us and because of us. Lord, sustain us, remind us to kneel before you and receive our strength from you alone. We pray for our children as they watch and depend on us. Give our children hearts for you Lord Jesus, reveal yourself to them in powerful ways, that no matter how loud and broken the world is, let Joy live loud in our souls.  I pray that we know we are your beloved, thank you Jesus … amen

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