• Each October PACE ministries hosts a leadership summit. This year they welcomed Summit delegates who represented 13 countries namely. 1. Nigeria, 2. Mali, 3. Djibouti, 4. Eritrea, 5. Somali, 6. Ethiopia, 6. Sudan, 7. South Sudan, 8. Uganda, 9. Rwanda. 10. Congo, 11. Zambia, 12. Tanzania and 13. Kenya. And do not forget that we also had as country number 14. Canada with three delegates and 15. US with 1 delegate.
  • This year was very special in that we did have delegates from west Africa. This was a first. We also appreciated greatly return of our delegates from the horn of Africa that is 1. Djibouti, 2. Eritrea, 3. Ethiopia, 4. Somali and 5. Sudan. Egypt that was with us last year did not make it this time.
  • In all we had 33 in full attendance and a total of 40 made up of commuting delegates.
  • Harbour helps support this Summit through our Global Missions Budget – here are the testimonies of 3 participants.

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Pastor Barandereka Melchoir


  • Through this summit, we have created an intercultural and interdenominational link which has enabled us to interact freely and develop a strong comradeship. Ministries have also benefited from this summit where people from different countries give a hand in times of need.
  • The sermons and testimonies from other brethrens on hardships and challenges faced have greatly inspired and encouraged me in my daily ministry. They have given me a strong determination and trust in God for success.
  • Secondly, my good fellowship with brethren has helped me continue with the ministry through planting more churches in the country.


  • About ministry, my wish is to plant churches across the country beginning with the unreached areas of the Eastern and Southern sides of the country.

Pastor Barandereka Melchior – AIC Burundi

  • In 2013 I attended the 2nd Annual African Leadership Summit at Nyahururu together with my sister Dr. Corrie van Aardt.
  • As I am not a Pastor, I did not know the reason for attending then, but since then I realized what the reason was.
  • It was for me to get to know Pastors in other countries and to be able to bring my ministry as I see it, to their countries. Because I was going to Rwanda I contacted Pastor Faustin and together with my sister I could manage to visit Ginsenyi and teach 10 women sewing. Pastor Alphonse Serugendu from Goma DRC, could bring two ladies, and Pastor Meshack Ndagula came from Tanzania with three ladies. From Burundi one lady came , Barandereka, and from Rwanda there were four ladies. Even with the language problem we were able to master the machines and finish the course.
  • The other pastor we met at the summit was Pastor Lydia Chinkwita-Phiri from Malawi. By the grace of God my sister and I was also able to visit her in Malawi and we could go to Dzaleka Refugee Camp and stay at the Baptist Church building where I could teach five ladies with the help of a young translator. We were also able to provide them with machines and was so grateful when they all managed to finish the course.
  • So in my humble opinion the PACE Ministries is enabling pastors and other workers to network and encourage each other in their work.

Pastor Jean Baptiste Rekeraho – AIC RWANDA

My Testimony

  • The African leadership summit is important to me and my church. It has enabled us to establish a close relationship with other leaders across the great lakes region and out of Africa. We had a project for roofing AIC Karambi, which required 100 galvanized iron sheets. African leadership summit partners and friends supported us with 40 galvanized sheets, the rest were financed by our local church called AIC Gisenyi. AIC Gisenyi has also benefited from a donation of 6 sewing machines from a South African delegate by the name Grietx Le Roux who attended the Leadership Summit in 2013.

About Ministry

  • The church has been raising support for the children and families who survived the 1994 genocide and the civil war between 1990 – 1998. Most of them are orphans and widows, some living with HIV/ AIDS while others live with physical disabilities, The church has taken the responsibilities of mobilizing education, shelter and helping them establish small business projects to earn a living.

About myself:

  • The teachings and testimonies on life and ministry experiences from various Summit attendees have greatly inspired and encouraged me in my daily ministry and family life.

 The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing Zephaniah 3: 17

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