Hello all,

I just wanted to update you… our prayer partners!… about the PACE retreat this coming Saturday.  I’ve just come back from today’s Chapel where we held a short meeting afterwards to give some direction to the staff that were present (about 1/2… please pray word gets around) as to what to expect on Saturday.  There has been much talk amongst them over the last week… much of it focusing on the “silent” part (And that was not being, shall I say… embraced to a great degree!) and somehow word got out that they had to fast… we assured them that they wouldn’t be “punished” with fasting!  (Waweruh’s words!)  They seemed relieved by that fact alone! 🙂

So by the end of our time together this afternoon, it is seeming like God is rooting the seeds that have been planted in their hearts for a day to be spent totally focused on Him for the purpose of a deeper relationship with Him. We pray that this will add significantly to the work already being done here to facilitate spiritual development, growth and transformation in the leaders and staff here. Please pray to that end!

I am very encouraged by the leadership being shown by the two gentlemen I am working with and by the way God is allowing conversations to start to naturally take place to deal with concerns and questions people are having about this day which again is so foreign to them!  I was surprised that they even raised some concerns in the group time today, as generally they would not be comfortable sharing in such a “public” way.  That too was very encouraging!

I’m also very thankful to God for walking with me and giving me a greater spirit of patience and perseverance in dealing with the pace of planning… God is really showing me He is truly in control as I continually give up plans and preparation… as I’d ideally like to see them happen in my time… back to Him and to trust He is working in and through all of us involved here… even when I don’t always see it.  Through this whole experience,  God is revealing to me, my “Martha” tendencies, patiently working them out of me and showing me the great work He does when I just sit at his feet, give all of my attention to Him, trust and obey in the small things… for this I am so grateful… to rest in the knowledge that it is all in His hands.

Please continue to pray for hearts to be softened and ready to hear God’s still, small voice.  Please pray that anxieties and concerns that Satan will love to put up as distractions and barriers to people having a significant encounter… will be gently torn down by our loving and merciful God, so they may meet Him wherever they are at in their walk with Him.  Please pray that they may encounter Him in a way that will bring about a change of heart for what a day of rest in Him really can be and perhaps for some, this will be the beginning of knowing God in a new way.  In a way that they will want to continue to grow and develop and nurture as individuals and/or small groups.

Thank you again for your prayers!  Thanks to for those who have supported us in the planning and who’ve written with words of encouragement!  We are trusting God for a great day and for our efforts to bear fruit for individuals and for the larger ministry here… and I know it is in part because we are willing and working together!

Have a great rest of the day!

In Christ,

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