May 31 & June 7
7 to 9 pm

Cost is $15 (for both nights) before May 31 or $20 at the door

with Youth Culture Specialist, Paul Robertson

May 31 – Understanding Media: Making Wise Choices

  • Parents and kids alike are spending hours every week with media. Media and our young people have become one. You can no longer separate a teen from the digital technology they consume daily. The question is whether or not we are choosing the right things to watch and listen to. This seminar looks at how media shapes all of us, how teens make decisions often influenced by media, and a process for discerning right from wrong in our media selections.

June 7 – Understanding a Generation who Adore Themselves

  • Our youth culture has fallen in love with Me, Myself, and I. This seminar looks at the growing trend of narcissism – its implications for our kids and how we can help them cope with the growing pressure to focus only on themselves.

 “Paul’s cultural expertise and compassionate heart combine with his great sense of humor to make an excellent platform for communicating healthy ways of parenting youth. It is no secret that families all around us face countless complications and with the help of Paul, they will be better equipped to face them head on and be stronger because of it.”

“If you’re over 25, you can’t understand what it means to be a teenager today,,,
You can’t understand it because they can’t either.
No boundaries. No families. No innocence. No truth.
No time to be a kid.

Paul Robertson & the Understanding Today’s Youth seminars are here to give you, the adult, the tools you need to create a more meaningful relationship with the young person who matters to you. By focusing on the latest changes in youth culture, Paul will inform you and prepare you to meet kids where they are. These equipping seminars will leave you with valuable book resources, websites, handouts and practical suggestions for understanding today’s youth and how to help them make sense out of the world they are living in.

Have you ever wondered why the teenager in your life can’t come to the dinner table without their cell phone? Do you find it difficult to talk to your teenager because they are constantly on Facebook? Has the thought “He/she is so self obsessed!” ever frustrated you and you’ve felt helpless to know what to do about it?

If you can relate to any of these questions or frustrations, Paul Robertson is here to help you understand the teenage brain and the current youth culture that they are growing up in. These seminars are for you, the parents and adults who care about young people. Paul will give you websites, handouts and practical suggestions for understanding today’s youth and how to help them make sense out of the world they are living in.

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