On the Emmaus Road

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Jesus explains how to interpret the Old Testament and how someone can find Him. We continue our series 7 Days from Luke 24:13-35.

Discovering the Gospel in Scripture
their eyes were opened and they recognized him
Luke 24:31

After reading a portion of the Bible slowly, and choosing one or two things or insights that especially helped you, take each insight and ask the following questions:

· How can I love and praise God on the basis of this?
· What do I see here that I can praise him for?

· How do I fail to realize this in my life?
· What wrong behavior, harmful
emotions or attitudes result when I
forget this?

Gospel thanks:
· How can I thank Jesus as the ultimate revelation of this attribute of God (reflected upon in #1) and the ultimate answer to this sin or need of mine (reflected upon in #2)?

· How does this show me what I should or could be and do?
· How would I be different if this truth were powerfully real to me?

Adapted from —redeemer.com/redeemer-report/article/a_prayer_life_that_nourishes_your_relationship_to_god