STORY # 1 – Harbour Volunteer

Hmmm…I am willing but I don’t know that I would be the best for the job.  I tend to get a little nervous speaking in front of a lot of people. My voice starts shaking a little.  If you want me to “Walk Boldly” this would definitely be ‘it’ for me! It might be good for me. I am excited that you thought of me to do this though. Whatever you think is best I am totally 100 % fine with. I know God has been trying to stretch me for a while.

STORY # 2 – Kathy Isaac

[God] is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us. —Ephesians 3:20

The idea of Kenya Get Well is a result of a mission trip taken to Pace Ministries in Nyahururu, Kenya, East Africa. After working in the kitchen with four Kenyan women who prepared food for about 150 hungry children, I was faced with the struggle that they face each day. Our team regularly “sanitized” their hands during the day. I came out of the kitchen with the knowledge that all the hand sanitizer in the world wasn’t going to protect them from what they were about to ingest. Although the muddied river water was boiled before they added the rice, the water they’d used to top it up hadn’t been. I was painfully aware that the bacteria in the water had not been removed. I knew that I needed to do something to help. God placed that burden on my heart. That was in the spring of 2006. I spent two years wondering what should I do, and how could I do it. My confidence in my own ability was low.

Nyahururu River

In August of 2008, Jeff encouraged me to start. Start investigating, do some leg work, just start. And so I did. I realized that it was going to have to be beyond my own ability. So I began by putting it all in God’s hands. I prayed a simple prayer telling God that he had my mind, my heart and my spirit and thanking him for everything that he would do to bring water to Pace and eventually provide them with everything they need to run a well drilling class at the college.

Over the past year, God has strategically provided people to help me along the way. Dan North (far left side of the sanctuary) helped me with internet and website information and discovered a well drilling class for missionaries in Toronto that he’s interested in going to.

I contacted North American agencies that provide wells, got some good information, and managed to contact several drilling companies in Kenya. Yes there were many unreplied letters, and several “Sorry we can’t help you” responses, but perserverance pays off.  For me, perserverance has been derived from the knowledge that I am doing what God intends me to do. With every little set back, God provided a little burst of encouragement, from people simply asking how it was going, to stories of possible partnerships, to “coincidences” that are too “coincidental” to believe that God hasn’t had his hand in it. Each burst of encouragement grew my faith in God’s awesomeness. That he would care enough to take the time to plan little details for this project.

I had copies of the geological surveys that were done in 2006. I had no idea how to read them or what they meant. Although my brother has a degree in water works engineering, he’s never worked in the field, and doesn’t live nearby, so we rarely see each other and never talk water engineering. I casually mentioned what I was working on, and he reminded me that he knows a thing or two and was ale to go through the survey with me, identifying what would be required.

This past May, I ventured back out to Kenya to meet with some of the drillers. God was faithful to lead us down a path of discovery that brought us to a very agreeable provider. Wachira, Dave, Frank and I began our day with the Catholics who were a very big, well organized outfit who were able to provide solutions for all possible needs: drilling, equipping, testing, and filtering. We thanked them for the information and continued on to a smaller company out of Naivasha. He was a Kenyan, educated and experienced in drilling throughout the US. He’d recently returned to Kenya with the intention to provide potable drinking water to his countrymen. Although Wachira really wanted to support a fellow countryman, there was just something about him that didn’t sit well with us. But during the discussion, the fellow suggested that we might be able to use the existing pump from the 50 foot well to run the 200 metre well he proposed to dig. He needed more information. Wachira called an old friend who had installed the existing well, only to find out that this guy was now working for Wajanjo, another Kenyan acquaintance that had been asking about Wachira. Wajanjo, an engineer, had just returned from working in the US to drill wells in Kenya. Wajanjo is very familiar to Wachira and other friends of Pace and offered to provide a well for Pace at a very agreeable cost. He also pointed out that we didn’t, in fact, need a 200 metre well, a 150 metre well would be fine according to the survey. This was consistent with the information that my brother had provided me earlier. We could see God’s hand directing us throughout this little garden path of discovery that we followed.

It was evident that I needed help in planning local activities. Harbour Shares had just started. Once again, perfect timing. The posting went out and two days later, I had people stopping me at church offering to help. God brought together a team of people whose enthusiasm for the project is contagious. Together we are trying to develop websites, plan activities, raise money, and raise awareness of the water situation, not only at Pace, but around the world.

Ryan set up a webpage, Michael added a donation button to the kenyagetwell blog, the staff and students at Pace are gathering donations to sell at the fundraisers. The list goes on and on.

On September 18th, Kenya Get Well team is hosting a coffee house with live music. Cam Block, Lindsay Schwenker, Eddie West, Sean Oakes, and others from the community, have offered to provide the musical entertainment. Some local businesses are sponsoring the event in other ways. On October 24th, the team is leading a Coach Bus excursion to St. Jacobs. Wachira would like a well by January. Come out to the events if you can, or ask how you can support the well in other ways.

This past year has been filled with small “coincidences”. But I don’t believe in “coincidences” because I can see how God had prepared the ground, long before I even agreed to join. I praise God for every small miracle, as I watch them grow into something quite extraordinary. Every little step along the way grows my faith in God. Not only faith in his ability to attend to details, but in his love. This awesome God; who, though is very busy, takes the time to encourage me when I’m unsure of what I’m doing. This loving God, who loves his children at Pace so much, he kept prompting me to step out in faith to show his love to them and one day provide fresh water to keep them healthy.

The goal of Kenya Get Well is “Providing water for life and reaching people with the Living Water of Jesus Christ”. There is only one way to accomplish this and that is one person at a time. Each of us must stand up and do something. You know what God is calling you to; you feel the gentle tug every day. You may have gotten so used to it; that you don’t even recognize it any more. Be still, listen, hear that still small voice of God, and then act. Do something. You’ll be amazed at how God will grow your faith one small step at a time.

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  1. Hi Kathy…Thankyou so much for sharing your story. I want you to know that it has put a new hope in my heart. I think of your story all the time and I am so excited of what God can do in my life even when I don’t feel capable because I see what He’s done in yours.You have truly inspired me to trust God more!
    Thankyou…thankyou…Sincerely Ginny

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