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Over the last 12 months, the Elders have discussed extensively some of the necessary projects that exist around our building. At a recent Elder’s meeting approval in principal was given to move forward. These include renovations to the Noah’s Park classroom areas, the Atrium kitchen, installation of roof shingles and a new HVAC system in the office areas. As final plans are developed some additional projects may be added. This endeavor was formally presented at the Business Meeting on September 21, 2014. The congregation unanimously approved the plan.

Project Descriptions


  • The atrium roof is currently leaking in more than one place. Roof replacement of the south side needs to be completed now. The north side is in slightly better shape, but replacement in 1 to 3 years is necessary.
  • Current estimate of cost $50,000.00
  • Update November 2014 – The new roof has been installed

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HVAC in offices:

  • Currently Harbour staff offices are heated and cooled by through the wall “motel” type units. These units are at least 25 years old. They are extremely inefficient and a constant maintenance problem, not to mention the discomfort to staff. The units need to be replaced with a proper HVAC system that can provide a better and more comfortable environment for our staff. There may be some money available for this project from an energy grant.
  • Current estimate of cost $20,000.00.
  • Update November 2014 – The contract for HVAC in the staff offices has been signed. Installation should begin soon.

Noah’s Park:

  • Over the last year we have identified the need to provide additional space for our Noah’s Park ministry and to make improvements to make the space more functional and user friendly. Earlier this year preliminary plans were prepared by an architect. The plan involves removal of the existing kitchen and incorporates that space to provide the extra space needed. Although the plans are by no means final, an estimate was prepared for budget purposes. Over the next number of weeks various stakeholders will review the preliminary plan in light of ministry needs. It is hoped that a final plan can be completed before Christmas.
  • Current estimate of cost is $150,000.00
  • Update November 2014 – The plans for Noah’s Park improvements are now at a stage where they can be finalized and budgets can be updated.

Atrium Kitchen:

  • With the elimination of the kitchen it will be necessary to expand and appropriately equip the Atrium kitchen to cater to Harbour’s hospitality needs. A preliminary plan has been prepared which would triple the size of the space and equip it as a commercial kitchen. Again the details of the plan have not been fully worked out and stakeholders will work to finalize this plan in the next 60 to 90 days.
  • Current estimate of cost $78,000.00
  • Update November 2014 – A lot of input has been received from the various stakeholders with respect to the Kitchen renovation. The architect is currently working to revise the plans. We hope to start construction in early February.

How do we pay for these Projects?

The total cost of these repairs, renewals, and renovations will be about $300,000. Although we anticipate that there will be some donations of materials, labour and cash, most of the cost will be financed by debt. Harbour currently has a mortgage just under $600,000.

  • Update November 2014 – We have received approval from Meridian Credit Union for a $200,000 addition to our mortgage financing. This allows us to temporarily finance the new roof and HVAC improvements. It remains our desire to use as little as possible of these funds for the project by offsetting it with bond sales or donations.

The next step, which is very important, is to ask Harbour attendees to support these projects financially. When the projects were approved the Elder’s felt that an extensive giving campaign was not appropriate at this time. Our greatest financial priority is that all Harbour attendees commit to give a tithe (a fixed percentage of income) to support Harbour’s general budget. This commitment will provide a strong financial foundation for the future. For those wanting to give over and above, a donation to the BuiIding Fund is encouraged.

  • Update November 2014 – The Elders have approved the establishment of a Harbour Building Fund. Balance of the Stove Fund, the Stucco Fund and the Noah’s Park Fund will be transferred to the Building Fund. It will now be possible for individuals to contribute to the Building Fund which will be used to finance the projects we have undertaken.

Harbour Renewal Bonds

Download Harbour Renovation Project Letter

To help finance the various projects Harbour leadership is asking those who are able to lend money to Harbour by purchasing Harbour Renewal Bonds.

  • Bonds will be issued in multiples of $500, for terms ranging from 1 to 5 years and will pay interest each year on December 31. We ask that you prayerfully consider if this is something that you can participate in. Notes are currently being offered as follows:
  •                             Due Date                           Interest Rate
  •                             Dec 31, 2015                                 2.5%
  •                             Dec 31, 2017                                 3 %
  •                             Dec 31, 2019                                 3.5%

God continues to bless and provide for our church. The needs that have been outlined are very real and very important, if Harbour is to continue to maximize its ministry impact. Please pray for Harbour and this project and consider what part you are being called to play.

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