Richard St. Pierre and family are supported through Harbour’s Lead Out National Missions Emphasis. Richard is the the process of being trained for ministry at SEMBEQ (This is our French Language denominational seminary in Montreal). He writes:

December 2014 Update

I wanted to share something that happened to me last Wednesday.

As you already know, i work construction and i was in my last week of work before my study session. So, i was working on a solarium roof about 15 feet up in the air when i misjudged the room i had left before being on the edge of the solarium. I took one step too much and fell down, head first.

On my way down, i had the reflex to try and grab something with both my hands. My right hand got caught in a ladder that i used to climb on the roof in the first place. Two of my right hand fingers where stuck in the ladder, so it prevented my head to keep on falling first. When my body weight met the maximum extension of my arm, i felt an excruciating pain in my middle finger and the ladder went sideways. This had the effect of liberating my fingers and letting me fall the rest of the distance feet first.

The end result is a dislocated finger (which is not bad after all), a bruise on my back from hitting the ladder while falling and a really bad feeling of fear and distress from thinking that ; ‘’this is it’’, even if it lasted only a couple second. I immediately started praising God, for he had permitted my fingers to get caught. It was very painful, but it reminded me even more so how gracious he was.

That night at diner time, when my child heard the news, they prayed to thank God, for quote ‘’Saving me’’. I immediately started crying because of the joy i felt. I was indeed Saved by God, not from falling off that roof, but from my fallen nature. I was so thankful that, no matter the circumstance of my life, i have the firm conviction that i am Saved by Jesus Christ through the forgiveness of my sins. This experience gave me yet an other reason to be in praise for the God of my Salvation.

Now i am ready more than ever to start this season of studying and learning. I want more people to experience the peace that only God can give. We are very excited for what God has in store for us at Oasis but also in Quebec. I am thankful that God wants me to be a part of it for yet a while longer, and also to be able to get out of this with only a sore finger and a good testimony to tell my non christian family and friends for Christmas.

Please keep praying for the time ahead of me. A hole lot of work and not so much time to do it. Pray for wisdom in the way i manage time in ministry versus time with my family. Also pray for the financial aspect of this project, we still need to meet with a board from Sembeq in December to see if we are eligible for a financial support from them. I want to be a good steward and reflect the God i serve in everything i do.

And let us know if in any way we can serve you at Harbour. As i told you the last time, i really am looking forward seeing all of you again in a near future.

Until then, may God bless you all and bring fruits to your ministry.

October 2014 Update

My season of work has been a blessing and God has shown me many things. I was praying that God would give us a good year since i was only working 7 months instead of the usual 9 or 10. Since the day i presented the project to my boss, i have been a little worried that he would lose to much by allowing me to study for 5 straight months and work the rest of the time. I believe that our faith in God’s plan has shown us that he will provide and be in control. Also the extra load of work has prepared me to be more serious about planning ahead in general.

I have started a group meeting with other people through SEMBEQ (the seminar i attend to). We are all leaders in our respective churches and we see each other once a month to have a class and some discussions about the topics. All of these people want to be trained and it is a great opportunity to make some friends while learning to be Godly leaders in the Churches in Quebec.Les St-Pierre

For the next months, it is going to be a struggle to prepare both financially and mentally for the season of study ahead of us. A lot of things need to fall in place before beginning of December, especially our financial support coming from SEMBEQ and our church. SEMBEQ is voting the budget for scholarships in December and only starts giving it in January. Although it is a subject of stress, i trust the Lord is behind all of it and i can’t wait to start being in my books all day :0)

We absolutely had a great time at Harbour in June meeting all of you and we are looking forward meeting you again. I would like to plan a trip to Harbour somewhere in the winter.

Thanks again for your help in this life project that God has put on our heart.

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