Leading up to Christmas, we had the privilege of Sharing the Joy with our neighbours and partners. Since then, we have heard back from some of our partners and wanted to pass them along to you, our Harbour community.

Thanks from our Quebec Partners…

Jacob and his family received their Christmas package! Love those smiles!

Hey Harbour friends! Thank you so much for these presents!  Our kids (and us) were very, very happy and our hearts are touched once again to know we are loved by our Ontario brothers and sisters! Love you guys have a blessed new year!!! ~Jacob


Thanks from our Kenyan Partner Pastors…

Our Partner Pastor as they received our gifts!

Words of thanks from some of these pastors….

“Praise God this New Year.  I want to take this opportunity to appreciate and thank you for the gift you extended to my family during Christmas time.  For sure the gift was quite on time and it assisted us a big deal.  God bless you so much and meet with your needs this year. You remain in our hearts and minds.”   Pastor Peter

“Praise the Lord. This is to sincerely appreciate the generous Christmas gift you gave to our family. It was such a timely blessing to us. We the Macharia’s say thank you so much. May God abundantly bless you and enlarge your territories. Amen.  Blessings. Macharia family. Pass our love to your family and the church.”

“Greetings from my family in Kenya. We appreciate your Christmas gift and were grateful for it. Could you pass our greeting to the church and continue praying for this family. We love you in Kenya.” Pastor Mati

” We as a family thank you and Harbor church who shared with us this Christmas by giving a gift to us and enabled us to celebrate the festival in a bigger way. May God bless you abundantly.” Pastor Samuel

“What a surprise? What a joy? Words cannot exactly describe our appreciation of the Christmas gift delivered to Gladys and I in a pastors’ breakfast fellowship. We thank the Lord for you and for having us in your heart. We are deeply touched by your love.”Pastor Philip


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