Share Jesus

             Turning everyday

             conversations into 

             Gospel conversation


One Page Strategy- Four Fields Overview

Go and Make Disciples

One Page Summary Card- 3/3rds and First 10

Share Jesus

Join us for this simple, reproducible training that equips believers to begin making disciples by answering 4 questions on one piece of paper. Whether you are a new believer or a seasoned Christian you will receive tools you can use the next morning in Sharing Jesus.

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  • Share Jesus – One Page Summary 
  • 3 Circles – Video Transcript
  • 3 Circles – YouTube Video

    Join us in engaging with, praying for and sharing the gospel with our community. All welcome. Join us and be a silent observer. ***Online Signup Required***

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  • In the Harvest Script
  • In the Harvest Leadership Checklist
  • Why? In the Harvest – The reasons and benefits
  • Follow-up Letter – Sent via Canada Post
  • Prayer Requests / Follow-up Needed Form 
  • Follow-up Protocol  – Following up with those we meet
  • Tracking Gospel Shares – Seed Sower App

    Planned Baptism
    We love it when someone wants to share their story and be baptized. Any staff person would be glad to walk with you to write your story and schedule your baptism as part of a Sunday morning service. 

    Spontaneous Baptism
    We will also offer an opportunity for others who want to be spontaneously baptized on the day of a schedule baptism. Interested adults can identify themselves and be baptized at the conclusion of the service. Baptism clothing is available. Interested individuals are encouraged to talk to any staff person beforehand for more info.


  • Group Format – 3 Thirds Discipleship
  • For Seekers – 7 Stories of Hope                                      
  • One Page Summary Card – 3/3rds and First 10
  • For New Believers – The First 10  
  • D-Group – Monthly Review Form

    • Church Circle – identify the characteristics of a healthy church and begin to work together to create a church start.
    • Church Starts – can be started by any church, at no cost, among any people group.

             Left Hand Guide to A Church Start- Basic Church Formation 

              Right Hand Guide to A Mature Guide – Challenging Overview           of a Mature Church


  • Strategy One Page: 4 Fields Overview
  • 4 Fields Discovery – A discovery tool for developing leaders. Work through Gospels, Acts and Epistles identifying lessons for multiplying movements.
  • Internships – 8 Hours/week – Be equipped to Share Jesus, make disciples and start a church.
  • Iron on Iron (“IOI”) – Each leader gives updates, receives encouragement, questions and suggestions that address where they are stuck.
  • 5 Levels of Movement leadership – Multiplying movements of disciples and churches build five levels of leaders.
  • Four-Fields of Kingdom Growth by Nathan Shank 2015 (UPDATE) – Free PDF