Welcome to Sevilla Chapel

About us:

We are a multi-ethnic, bilingual Christian church, a growing community for believers and spiritual inquirers alike. As God’s church, we are dedicated to advancing the gospel, discipling God’s people in the Word, and cultivating a life and community of worship. We are also passionate about cultural renewal in St. Catharines and Canada.


Our community is multi-ethnic and inter-generational, and we come from various church backgrounds. From 11:00 to 11:15AM we have time for fellowship over coffee, tea, and snacks. Our worship service then begins at 11:15 with a call to worship, usually based on a passage of Scripture, followed by congregational singing. We sing both modernized hymns and contemporary songs, alternating between the English and Spanish language. After we sing, we dismiss the children to their Sunday School programming (Sevilla Kids). The sermon that follows, delivered in both English and Spanish, will explain and apply the Scriptural text of that morning. We conclude with announcements and a benediction. After the service, there is an opportunity to give an offering, which supports the ministry of the church as a form of worship.

Bible Studies

Our Bible Studies provide opportunities for fellowship, to study God’s word in community, and to pray for one another. We are hoping to launch an English Bible Study in the New Year of 2023. If you are interested, please contact us at info@sevillachapel.org for more information.


319 Merritt St, St. Catharines, Ontario