Lent – Week 7: April 24 and on…

Jesus Is Alive, Now What? Jesus did not just die for our sins, He rose from the grave and in the process defeated death.  This means that Jesus can not only forgive our sins but offer us new life as well.  So many of us want to follow Jesus but find ourselves living the old…read more.

Lent – Week 6: April 17 – 23

Getting to the Root of the Issue A lot of people claim to believe in God yet how many actually live Jesus centered, Spirit filled lives?  It is important that our faith is not simply maintained but abundantly nourished so it can thrive.  God has given us all kinds of resources to help us feed…read more.

Lent – Week 5: April 10 – 16

Investment Strategy Did you know that the Bible talks about money and possessions more than any other topic?  It’s not because money is that important to God, it’s because money can become so important for us.  The Bible does not make a case for or against wealth, it does however talk about the place possessions…read more.

Lent – Week 4: April 3-9

Look Where You’re Going It is amazing how complicated and cluttered our lives can get.  Seemingly surrounded by the urgent things in life we can easily lose sight of the important things. We have good intentions but as we know, ‘the spirit may be willing but the flesh is weak’. Christianity is not easy but…read more.

Lent – Week 3: March 27- April 2

Meet the Author The Bible is a unique gift from God that brings about true life change.  It recounts God’s salvation story throughout history told through the lives of ordinary people (not much different than you and I).  It is not an instruction manual as much as  a personal letter from God to people needing…read more.

Lent – Week 2: March 20 – 26

Cross Training The cross has been the primary symbol of Christianity for many centuries.  It reminds us of the centrality of Jesus and his work on the cross to God’s salvation story.  During Lent we not only consider the cross Jesus died on, we also reflect on our sin, which put him there. Our response…read more.

Lent – Week 1: March 13 – 19

Change from the Inside Out The Christian life is one of sacrifice,however it is not meant to be lived out of simple obligation or duty.  Several times in the gospels we read of the compassion of Jesus causing him to serve and give.  Even on the cross we see this attitude; forgiving the very people…read more.