I had the opportunity to attend the three month term closing ceremony for the PACE High School and Pace Academy last Friday.  Attached are some photos taken by Joanie during the closing activities.

The schools re-open on May 2nd for the next term.  In the meantime though the classrooms remain open for Classes 4 to 8 and the teachers are available for the next two weeks in order to offer remedial assistance where needed and prepare the students for the next term. Much has happened at PACE since my last visit in late 2009. For the academic year 2010 Class 8 was added completing the program offering from Baby Class through Class 8. The Academy was registered obtaining the Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education. The first Academy Class 8 students did very well with the National exams. For the 2011 academic year High School Form 1 was added to the PACE program with 15 students registering in January.  At the close of the term last week the Form 1 registered student number had grown to 37.  Wow!!

One thing that has not changed though is the continued and growing emphasis on spirituality and Christian values in the PACE education foundation.

  • Monday and Friday morning opening and closing assemblies include praise and prayers as well fellowship time for the students and teachers.
  • PACE is unique in the area in providing a quality Christian education and integrating needy, orphaned, marginalized and regular students. Financial sponsorship is required to support this all inclusive Christ centered program at PACE.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in community support activities.  Just before the rainy season started two weeks ago and just in time for planting, the PACE boarders went out as a team to assist an elderly neighbour dig and hoe her shamba (garden).
  • On Sunday the PACE Chapel holds a service in the dinning hall.  It is open to the public and is mostly organized by the students.  A great praise and worship service.

As we go into the term break I will take time to review my French classes to date and prepare to resume classes on May 2nd.

I am blessed and thankful for this opportunity to serve and fellowship with our Kenyan brothers and sisters.




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