Roger Duquette

Serving in Kenya with PACE Ministries

Everything is going well with me here.  Moved into the apartment earlier this week after a most enjoyable three weeks at Dorris’.  Have my own internet line which is very convenient.  Everyone here has been most helpful which has made it easy for me to acclimatise..I very much feel at home.

There’s always a lot happening at PACE.  Last night the 65 PACE boarders met with other area youth at Wachira’s church for a praise and worship time which started at 7 pm Kenyan time and ended after 12:30 am.  A great evening not only for the young ones but also for the not so young. Today the boarders still had the energy to serve by pitching in to finish hoeing and otherwise preparing a somewhat disabled widow’s garden in time for planting before the rains come.  Got a few sprinkles this afternoon.

The students at PACE recently started their own Sunday morning service in the cafeteria.  With the assitance of Dorris they pretty much organize the event.  I attended last Sunday and truly  felt like I was in the Lord’s house. It starts at 9 am so I will be able to attend regularly and still be able to get attend other local services.

I am enjoying the teaching particularly as it gives me the opportunity to fellowship with students in grades 6,7 and 8 in the Academy and form 1 High School and the other teachers..

I am truly blessed to have this opportunity to serve in whatever way I can with the support of the Harbour community and the church leadership.

Thanks again and I will certainly pass along greetings to all our mutual friends here.

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  1. Roger
    I am so happy you are having a great time with our friends in Kenya. I can’t wait to get there and experience it all with you. Looks like you had a great time at Cate’s 16th birthday party. you are so young at heart and i’m sure the kids love you.
    see you soon. Pat

  2. Hi Rodger: Pat was kind enough to forward the picture she got of the girl she suports birthday and guess who was in a few pics. Rodger.
    I enjoy the little updates and the changes towards sharing and bring the knowlegade of God to the children at pace.
    I wish I was there experiance all this with you but somebody has to clean the church. HEHEHE
    A big hello to all there from me.
    Keep on doing what your doing Rodger, I’m sure your a blessing.


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