January PACE 2013

Thanks to the prayerful and financial support of many friends of PACE in Canada, I returned to Kenya on January 15th to begin my service at PACE which will take me to the end of April.

During this period my prime function will be to teach French to Academy classes 5 to 8 and High School Forms 1 to 3.  In addition I will serve the Direction and the Students in any way that I can and am requested to.

God is at work at PACE.  That is clearly reflected in the changes since I returned home from my last mission in 2012. :

–        Thirteen children from Pastor Francis’ Victory Nursery School in Maina have been registered as day students at PACE entering Class 1.  Praise God as these children from a nearby slum area are able to begin their Christian education.

–        Some 40 new first year High School students are now in the process of registering for entry in PACE High School Form 1 which will begin classes in early February.  Most of these students will be boarders.  This brings the number of High School students added to PACE in the last three years to over 120.

–        New washroom facilities have been added to existing boys’ and girls’ dorms.

–        Construction activity on the Administration building reflects the need for increased facilities needed to accommodate the students both by way of dorms and class rooms.  A second story is being added to the building.  The addition will serve as separate and secure dorm facility for girls.

–        The resulting freed up space will be converted to class rooms to accommodate the new Form 1 students and the increased enrollment in the Academy.2342_55673779901_6998359_n

–        Patient line ups at the Dental Clinic reflect the need by the students as well as the local community for the excellent dental care offered by Ben Mburu.  The service now includes new dentures and denture repair.

–        The Guest House, where I am currently living, now includes a second story.  The guest rooms and lounge are pretty much completed and the carpenter is just now putting the finishing touches to the kitchen. (which means I have to start cooking for myself).

These are just a few examples of what’s happening at PACE in it’s pursuit of a sound Christian education for East African children regardless of their financial or social status.

I am proud and blessed to have the opportunity to play even a small part in what’s happening at PACE.

Roger Duquette

January 23,2013

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  1. Hi Roger
    To let you know I didn’t forget you, but somebos=dy hacked my yahoo account and I lost all my contacts etc. Just took a chance on finding you on here.

    Glad yo were able to make it to Kenya and good to see all the work you’re doing.

    Please get in touch when you get back to Canada

    All besr, Royce

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