September 5, 2014

Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. I Peter 3:15 (NIV)

Sometimes the best answer can be the giving of the right resource. As part of the Lead Out Vision and the Walk Boldly Ministry, Harbour has available in our resource center a collection of various and excellent resources for purchase. These resources include 5 excellent tracts that clearly explain the gospel message, 4 Bible and Books/Booklets that speak into a variety of relevant issues.

Gospel Booklets

(designed to clearly explain what it means to be a Christian)

  • The Search
    • The Premise – Many people search to fill a God shaped emptiness but yet that emptiness remains.
    • Suggestion Donation = $1
  • Two Ways to Live
    • The Choice we all Face
    • Suggestion Donation = $2
  • FOR CHILDREN – Who will be King?
    • Two ways to live – The Choice we all Face
    • Suggestion Donation = $2
  • The Story
    • How it all began and how it will never end
    • Suggestion Donation = $2
  • EvangeCube
    • An easy-to-use puzzle that brings the Gospel of Jesus Christ to life.
    • Suggestion Donation = $10


  • Life Application Study Bible
    • Study notes not only explain difficult passages and give information on Bible life and times but also go a step further to show you how to “take it personally”.
    • Suggestion Donation = $40
  • NLT Holy Bible
    • Complete Bible in using words that bring clarity and breathe life into even the most difficult-to-understand Bible passages.
    • Suggestion Donation = $10
  • The Essential Jesus
    • Read the Gospel of Jesus according to Luke for yourself.
    • Suggestion Donation = $5
  • This Book is Alive
    • Gospel of John only – contains a Plan of Salvation, decision page, and an opportunity to sign up for a free correspondence course.
    • Suggestion Donation = $2


  • Purpose Drive LifeWhat on Earth Am I Here For?
    • Designed as a 40 day journey to discover the answers to life’s most important questions.
    • Suggestion Donation = $20
  • The Reason for God
    • Using literature, philosophy, anthropology, pop culture, and intellectual reasoning, Keller explains how the belief in a Christian God is, in fact, a sound and rational one.
    • Suggestion Donation = $20
  • How Good is Good Enough?
    • This books answers the common misunderstanding that good people go to heaven
    • Suggestion Donation = $10

Situational BookletsLead Out

  • The Book of Hope
    • Designed to encourage seekers by introducing them to Biblical truths—joy, peace, the power of prayer, and the promise of eternal life.
    • Suggestion Donation = $2
  • Deeper Still (Grief)
    • For those who are experiencing suffering and/or grief
    • Suggestion Donation = $2
  • Finding Hope in a Suffering World
    • How can we be rescued from a world of suffering?
    • Suggestion Donation = FREE
  • The 4th Man (Men)
    • The story of 3 men all who all failed in important ways
    • Suggestion Donation = $2
  • Stephen’s Ministry
    • A card to remind and explain Harbour’s ministry of support to those going through a difficult time.
    • Suggestion Donation = $1
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