Introducing PACE

Together they lead, Pan African Christian Exchange. PACE, Ministries serves the marginalized and economically challenged communities of Kenya (as the host country), of African nations and of the African Diaspora in the United States of America, in the Caribbean and in South America. Our services include, but are not limited to, providing:

  1. Educational opportunities for persons needing elementary, high school, vocational and religious studies;
  2. Economic development opportunities for women, youth and the needy;
  3. Affordable healthcare and dental services especially to infants, children, women, and senior citizens
  4. Christian evangelism, church and community leadership training, and Community Development partnership.

Harbour Partnership Mr and Mrs Pst Wachira

As part of our Lead Out Vision and commitment based on Acts 1:8 to minister “to the ends of the earth” Harbour has had a 10 year partnership with PACE in Launching Leaders. Most recently, we completed a 5 year project to construct 5 pastors homes. It is hard to be an effective leader when there is great insecurity in your home life, especially in the area of housing. This investment has provided these pastors with the needed life security so that they can now, take risks and venture into new ministry areas. We have been blessed to see how God is multiplying their work.

The Global Missions Team of Roger Duquette, Kathy Isaac, Phil Sheldon and Jeff Bennett are currently working on a new and exciting ministry plan for the next season of ministry with PACE. We’d love to have you join our team.

How can I be involved?

Option # 1 – Pray for Wachira, Glenda and PACE

  • Pick-up a prayer card in the Atrium.

Option # 2 – Join the April 2016 Team

Do you have any of these skills?

  • Children and youth workers: Assisting with Camp ministry, teaching, games and building relationships.
  • Medical or Dental
  • Teacher Training: develop PACE teachers and ECE staff in teaching methods and class room management.
  • Staff development: training in conflict resolution, leadership, job vs ministry.
  • Investment education: retirement planning and financial advice.
  • Farming development
  • Bible teachers—seminars for pastors, men, women and/or youth.

Team Dates

  • Sunday April 3 – Sunday April 17, 2016
  • Leader – Pastor Jeff

Option # 3 – Sponsor a Child

For April Camp

  • Because of poverty many children never travel far from home, much less see the beauty and sites of their own country, Kenya.
  • Your sponsorship provides an unforgettable week long experience as well as opportunity for significant spiritual mentoring and investment.
  • Cost $50. (Payable to Harbour)
  • Receive thank-you letter from sponsored student

To Attend PACE Schools

  • Provides food, housing, bedding, clothing, personal items, schools fees, books, writing material and exam fees for one needy and/or marginalized child.
  • Write to your student and receive updates from them.
  • Cost $50/month (Payable to
  • Sign-up online at


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