Pan African Christian Exchange. PACE, Ministries serves the marginalized and economically challenged communities of Kenya (as the host country), of African nations.

Their services include:

  1. Educational opportunities for persons needing elementary, high school, vocational and religious studies;
  2. Economic development opportunities for women, youth and the needy;
  3. Affordable healthcare and dental services especially to infants, children, women, and senior citizens;
  4. Christian evangelism, church and community leadership

training, and Community Development partnership.

2015 Point of Emphasis—Youth Vocational Training

PACE currently operates a JK – Grade 12 School with over 500 students attending. Many of the students who attend come from an under-resourced family situation. All receive an excellent education and many go onto university and college. Other graduates want to pursue a vocational route but lack the economic resources. One of our areas of emphasis over the next 2 years is that Harbour will partner with 3 students (and a 4th through Aluminum for Africa) to provide support for their vocational training at PACE. You can read their stories inside.

STUDENT #1 – Kelvin Irundgu

DATE OF BIRTH April 18, 1993



  • Pentecostal Church of East Africa (P.C.E.A),vI am a youth member


  • I aspire to study driving and mechanics course at PACE.


  • I was born in Nakuru county, Shaabab estate in Nakuru town, I am the fifth born in a family of nine, five boys and four girls. One of my siblings passed away due to a short illness. I was brought up in a family where my parents worked as laborers on different grounds. We live on our own piece of land.


  • I would like to get enough education, training and experience to someday have my own mechanic shop.

STUDENT #2 – James Mugo Mwangi

DATE OF BIRTH October 14, 1994



  • Anglican Church of Kenya (A.C.K),
  • I am a youth member


  • I aspire to study driving and mechanical courses at PACE.


  • I was born in Nyeri county, Ihinga location. I am the first born in a family of five, three boys and two girls. My parents were peasant farmers and worked as laborers in other people’s farms to earn a living.


  • Because I am the first born in my family, I would like to start my own business and improve my family’s living standard.

STUDENT #3 – Catherine Wairimu Ndirangu

DATE OF BIRTH May 5, 1995



  • Someday I would like to have a certificate of proficiency in computer applications and entrepreneurship studies at PACE. This training will help to build my capacity for engaging in the business world through improving my communication and technological skills.


  • I was born and brought up by a single mother. I am the last born in a family of four, two boys and two girls. My mother used to work as a house help and a beautician to earn the daily bread. It is unfortunate that she passed away when we were still young and we were left under the care of our firstborn. But another family took us in.


  • My desire is to secure a job in a growing business firm, work for that organization then start my own business. I will improve my family’s living standard.

Needs for 2015-16 School Year


  • $525 for each student
  • $375 current funding level
  • $150 additional funding needed

Pen Pals

  • Looking for one family/individual to correspond with each student over the next two years – to offer support, encouragement and prayers.

Have questions?

  • Please contact a member of the Global Missions Team: Roger Duquette, Kathy Isaac, Phil Sheldon and Jeff Bennett for more information.
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